A M Surplus Military Store

Established 1989

For immediate release: After a long deliberation I am announcing that AM Surplus will not extend our store lease come this June of 2020. The demands of running a retail store has become too taxing on myself. We recently moved my mother into our house and she needs a bit more rest these days. I will keep the website and eBay store running until all inventory is expelled. If anyone is interested in taking over a turn key project please call anytime. I have been blessed in getting to know my customers and established friendships over these last 30 years. I will keep in touch with everyone and will have more time to spend together. I do not want this 10-month notice to become the long goodbye. It will be daily business as usual. Any open account or consignments will be honored as our good name has performed in the past. Thank you to all! Andrew Kolesik.